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How to get great staff, sustainable offices in the latest Idealog

january-february-2008-100.jpgSustainability’s not just about recycling paper rubbish, it goes into how you treat your staff as well.

In the latest Idealog (lucky number 13), I got the chance to explore how to create a company that attracts and retains great staff. I got the chance to interview Larry Summerville, one of the original pioneers behind More FM, and Brent Impey, the current boss of More FM’s parent company MediaWorks. It’s amazing how the culture of More FM has stayed positive, even when the upstart pioneer became part of a large corporate. Brent has a few secrets to that culture in the interview. Well worth reading.

I also got to interview one of the founders of Squiz, an entrant in the EEO Trust Work and Life Awards. This small software development firm has nurtured a culture that’s not just about the latest release. They admit they haven’t done everything right, but the great thing is, they get to learn with their team.

I also got to edit the Creative Showcase section on sustainability, featuring exciting case studies from Matisse Furniture, Warren & Mahoney Architects and a fascinating development in Auckland’s CBD called Rhubarb Lane. Lucky for you, it’s available as a PDF download.

The other articles will eventually be up on the Idealog site, but in the meantime, treat yourself to the real thing – certified sustainable paper and ink, available in a bookstore near you.

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