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I was recently interviewed for New Zealand’s largest Chinese-language media outlet, If you read Chinese, you can read the whole interview here, otherwise here’s what Google translate says I said:

Often play’s Facebook friends will not be unfamiliar to the name of Yang Jinhong, every morning, you can see in the microblogging use Chinese to ask Good morning, sometimes the simple Chinese greeting “Good morning”sometimes doped English greeting “Good morning! May your day be filled with good things!”, then the grammar is slightly confusing when “Good morning to New Zealand, and good evening to those who are insomniain China, “this time, Yang Jinhong, legions of fans serve as a Chinese teacher” role, helping him to successfully express their ideas in Chinese.Open microblogging has a year-old Yang Jinhong, open the computer first thing every day, that is, landing microblogging virtue Google Translater with the users interaction, we can say is full of microblogging control.
Yang Jinhong and his wife, Young Mary, in 2005, began their study of Chinese.Yang Jinhong the one hand, a strong interest in Chinese (Young Mary, his wife’s father is Chinese* NB actually her great-grandfather), on the one hand, aware of the importance of learning Chinese was only by virtue of a “1 Minute Mandaran Yang Jinhong couple fluent say like the”Hello” and “thank you” goodbye “simple Chinese phrases.

In June 2010, Yang Jinhong couple received the invitation of the Chinese business partners, they decided to visit China, in December the same year to personally experience this dream kingdom.Although only a short trip, but Yang Jinhong has been deeply in love with this piece of land in China.The street snacks of Beijing or Shanghai’s skyscrapers, the hustle and bustle of the city noise, or the outskirts of the quiet and peaceful, bits and pieces of the Chinese mainland have left a deep impression in the mind of Yang Jinhong.Yang Jinhong is said that on the Beijing subway still remember the deep, he likes surrounded by the feeling of the people.After introduction of a friend of China, Yang Jinhong opening of the QQ and microblogging, in order to better learn the Chinese language and culture.

Yang Jinhong adept at using the network to learn Chinese, he said, to learn a language the best way is to practice more, since joining Twitter and QQ, Yang Jinhong the more links to the Chinese, very warm with the help of his friends friendsHe guided his.”In the past I am a shy person, learning Chinese, I’ve changed a lot of outward, because the Chinese need to read aloud, and cried out in order to distinguish between the different tone of voice.” Yang Jinhong said.In addition to using these social media tools to learn Chinese, Yang Jinhong also plays the role of the volunteer English teachers.Microblogging, many Chinese people use microblogging to the “foreigner” was very curious, many of them from the foreigners mouth know how to improve their English ability, very friendly Yang Jinhong is of course very happy to help theseChinese friends, they add each other QQ to communicate with each other to learn together.Now, Yang Jinhong has more than 500 of the QQ friends all over the world.

Yang Jinhong that Chinese is a very efficient language, and sometimes just use the four-character idioms can be expressed deep significance, one of the reasons this is also the Yang Jinhong love Chinese.In addition, Yang Jinhong also believe that Chinese is very important, contribute to strong Chinese friends with the Chinese immigrants in New Zealand’s increasing use Chinese for communication.

Microblogging, Yang Jinhong said, once went to the Chinese store to buy something, the Chinese exchange between he and the owner can use each other each other to understand, a great feeling.Yang Jinhong the most commonly used Chinese phrase may be contrary to everyone’s surprise, turned out to be “poor child”.This is due to many of his Chinese friends often complained to him around the problem, of course, he would say “Come on”, “No problem” and encouraging children to the Chinese friends, they have the courage to face the difficulties of life.Yang Jinhong joked: “I do not smoking, drinking, no bad habits, the only ‘bad habits’ is addicted to microblogging and QQ.”

Yang Jinhong is the founder of a social media consulting firm, is also a social media consultant, speaker and columnist.About why he choose to start their own businesses, Yang Jinhong the reason is very simple and did not find a suitable job, simply create a.Social media (Social Media) industry in recent years, emerging fields, since the well-known of the social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, social media industry is changing, Yang Jinhong company designed to help other businesses and organizations, the use of social media servicesformulation of development objectives outside the interactive dialogue with corporate clients on business transformation, human resources management, integrated marketing and social media marketing, and so given the rationalization proposals, including interaction with the corporate staff on innovation capacity, self-leadership andcareer development planning training.Also start at the beginning of, Yang Jinhong and his team with high quality service has won the Air New Zealand, New Zealand, Fonterra dairy company and New Zealand, Lincoln University, heavyweight clients.

Yang Jinhong is the only company within the team of New Zealand white, the other members from China, India, Samoa and Malaysia, it is this multi-cultural integration of the work environment, making the team in a number of competitorsto the fore, the collision of different cultures and perspectives, in order to inspire the best ideas and strategies.

Spearheading the company, Yang Jinhong always to love and trust as the primary standards of corporate values, Yang Jinhong microblogging and Twitter is that a good witness.Whether it is India’s New Year celebrations, the employee’s birthday party, Yang Jinhong and his wife, Young Mary, give employees a big surprise, the end of night, Yang Jinhong more intimate give employees have their name printed on the mug, the staffexperience home as a warm working environment.

Looking ahead to the New Zealand media developments in the field, Yang Jinhong New Zealand as a multicultural country, the more promising developments in the field of social media, the industry’s global thinking ability will lead to more innovation and challenges.At the same time, Yang Jinhong the complex is still growing, he hopes to again next year to visit China to meet Chinese friends, experience the customs of China, but also hope to develop the Chinese market, so they have more opportunity to experience China,Learning Chinese, Chinese fans by now become a true sense of the pass.

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