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Why I should and shouldn’t get into politics

Why I should get into politics:
* I’m a typical far right extreme centre neo-Marxist, really clear on my policy positions. I guess that makes me extremely centrist.
* I’m well-versed. I’m a big fan of the writings of Marx, especially Groucho. People ask me if I’m of the Keynesian economic school, I said yeah I’m keen as but I didn’t go to school.
* I’m like every other politician, I want the best for me and the people who are like me. The difference being, I also know and like a lot of people who aren’t like me, and maybe I want the best for them too. But I know that’s not particularly easy. It’s a little complicated. Lots of shades of gray.

Why I shouldn’t get into politics:
* See all points above
* I have far better things to do

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