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You’ll find my writing in the pages of Idealog Magazine, NZMarketing, AdMedia, iStart and occasionally the Business magazine in the New Zealand Herald.

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I’ve written for my entire career. Although I’ve ferociously devoured anything I found on the subject of how to write, I’ve never been formally trained in any one field of writing.

That’s led to a pretty diverse career – radio copywriting, PR, direct marketing, and then journalism…

I fell into journalism. Got my first published story almost without realising it, then I had a published story I could show to editors. The first two editors (brave souls) who took me on were Ruth Le Pla, then editor of NZ Marketing Magazine, and Nige Horrocks, then editor of NetGuide. These two kind souls, particularly Ruth, took the time to guide a young writer who obviously had potential (and little else) to the best practices of journalism.

Six years later, I think I’ve hit my stride. You’ll see my writing almost every month in NZ Marketing Magazine, and every couple of months in Idealog. I’ve also written for NZ Herald’s The Business, iStart, Management Magazine and a Chinese magazine called Film Art.

Some of the trends I’ve reported on include:

  • * The rise of email marketing in the early 2000s. (I also created the Marketing Association’s Practical Email Marketing workshop, an updated version of which is still in use today)
  • * Blogging – my November 2004 cover story for NZMarketing introduced the New Zealand marketing community to the new phenomenon that is blogging
  • * Real customer-centricity – more exciting than all the technological changes is the fundamental shift in control from company to customer. The November 2007 issue of NZMarketing will feature my cover story on “Service Dominant Logic”, an exciting new trend that combines relationship marketing, customer co-creation and other hot topics.
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